Will Garage Door Insulation Effect My Garage Door Operation?

Installing KoolDoor Garage Door Insulation should not affect your garage door.

On an average 16-panel kit door, the KoolDoor insulation will only add an extra 10-12kg. This additional weight is not a lot compared to the average weight of a garage door which is around 200kg. So the KoolDoor Garage Door insulation will have no natural effect on the door. 

If you have any issues, we suggest you call a garage door technician to service the door. Garage doors should be serviced once every 1-2 years anyway.

Think about it. A garage door has a mechanical engine in it, and just like a car, it should be serviced regularly. You wouldn’t leave your car for 5-10 years, and your garage door shouldn’t be left unserviced either. 

If you need any other information or would like to speak to somebody at KoolDoor, please give us a call at 1300-37-38-39.

Or send us an email at info@kooldoor.com.au.

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