What Does Garage Door Insulation
Look Like?

Before Insulation

Garage Door Insulation Before

After Insulation

Garage Door Insulation After

Do You Want?

Garage Door Insulation Single Door

Garage Door Insulation

Keep your garage cool in summer and warm in winter

Garage Door Seals

Garage Door

Keep the wind, pests and dust out of your garage

High Quality Garage Door Insulation

Convert your Garage to a Usable Space Without Hiring a Builder

Adding a new room to your home doesn’t have to be expensive and time consuming.
With KoolDoor garage door insulation you can turn your garage into a more comfortable space, inexpensively and in no time.

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Why Choose KoolDoor

Thermally Efficient

Our insulation is very efficient in keeping the heat out in summer and cold out in winter. It will effectively lower the temperature of the garage door by 20°C.

Beautiful Looking

Our white panels provide a clean and warm look to the garage door, which is inevitably superior to the ‘warehouse’ emanating from most garage doors.

Best Quality Material

Our Polyiso foam is 40% more thermally efficient than the competition, This means that it is more effective in keeping out the heat and lowering the levels of noise.

Exceptional Customer Service

KoolDoor is known for its quality of customer care and ships products as soon as possible. We have many satisfied clients in QLD, NSW, VIC, SA, TAS & WA.

Fast and Easy Install

KoolDoor was made for the customers to install by themselves. It takes between 2 - 3 hours to install the panels. No tools are needed, aside from a straightedge and a sharp knife.


KoolDoor is manufactured from PIR, which is the most fire-resistance form used in the construction industry. No glues or chemicals are needed for the product installation.

What could you do with an Extra Room In Your Garage?

A garage is one of the most under-utilised room’s in a home. Comfort is an issue for most garages being too hot in summer or too cold in winter. KoolDoor will transform your garage into a usable room for all your hobbies, home office, workshop, kids playroom, an extra pet room, your gym or your much anticipated man cave.

Man Cave

You've always wanted a man cave, you know you deserve it. Now you can make it happen in your garage.

Pet Room

Keep your pets safe at night, cool during hot days and warm on cold winter nights.


Stop paying monthly fees for the gym when you can work out on your time with no travel from your garage.

Kids Playroom

The garage is the perfect place for a kids playroom. They can go crazy with minimal noise and damage to the family home 🙂

Home Office

Don't spend your money on an office when you can work from home. It is not only much cheaper but much more convenient than a paid office.

Hobbies Room

Has your hobby outgrown your home. Turn your garage into your perfect hobby space with KoolDoor insulation

Motorbike Showcase​

Create a stunning space in your garage to display your motorbikes that you enjoy spending time in.


Make your garage workshop comfortable. Not too hot in summer and not too cold in winter.

Installation Options

Do it Yourself

KoolDoor is very easy to install. There are no special tools required and all you will need is a tape measure, a straightedge and a sharp Stanley knife.

Hire An Installer

KoolDoor can be delivered Australia wide, but we also have professional installers in QLD, NSW & Tas. If you’d rather hire a professional, call us on 1300 37 38 39 to see if there is an installer near you.

Standard Single
8 Panel Door Kit

$ 360 Inc GST
  • Insulation panels for standard panel garage door
  • Full instructions for DIYers
  • 10 Year Guarantee

Standard Double
16 Panel Door Kit

$ 680 Inc GST
  • Insulation panels for double garage door
  • Full instructions for DIYers
  • 10 Year Guarantee

Extra Large Double
20 Panel Door Kit

$ 850 Inc GST
  • Insulation panels for double garage door
  • Full instructions for DIYers
  • 10 Year Guarantee
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Frequently Asked Questions About Garage Door Insulation

Insulating the garage door can help you save money in a lot of ways. Here’s four reasons why we believe it is totally worth it to insulate garage door:

  • Lower Energy Costs. The temperature in the garage can impact the temperature in your house if it is attached to it. This can potentially result in higher electricity or fuel being used to keep your home cool or hot. Insulated doors can keep your garages significantly cooler in summer and warmer in winter.
  • Long-Lasting HVAC Equipment. Keeping your home cool in summer and warm in winter will not only save you on energy costs; it will also prevent your air conditioning or heating equipment from switching on and off that frequently.
  • Reduce Overall Stress on Your Car. Even if your car starts with ease in the cold weather, it does have a negative impact. Having insulated doors on your garages means your car will start in less extreme weather, helping keep the engines in a good shape and stress free.
  • Added Value for the Home. Insulated garages add value to your home’s worth, should you ever decide to sell it. It will show prospective buyers that they’ll be able to save on energy costs, equipment costs as well as extend the life of their car. It will also make the garages quieter, keep the pollution out more and make them look good and last longer.

Insulating metal garage doors would mean it’ll prevent freezing temperatures as well as scorching heat from entering the inside of the garage. It will also prevent any outside noise from entering the garage room or disturb the neighbours from the internal noises.

KoolDoor offers the best insulation solution for your metal garage doors. Along with being lightweight, they are quick and easy to install – usually within 3 hours. They are easy to clean and effective at reducing draughts. The best thing is that you don’t need any special equipment or additional help from an insulation specialist to install KoolDoor

KoolDoor is an Australian owned company that understands the pains of Aussie customers. We aim to make the entire process of getting new insulation on your garage door as simple as 1, 2, 3. You will avoid the fee you will otherwise end up paying a tradesperson, giving you the control with an easy and efficient solution that can be installed by you in under 3 hours.

Yes, if you can use a Stanley knife, cut a straight line and measure an area then the install will be simple. It will take on average 2 – 3 hours but can be done in stages. KoolDoor is very easy to install. Have a look at our detailed installation videos that clearly show how the product can be installed. There are basically 5 steps to the entire process:

  • Measure the panel
  • Write down the measurements
  • Cut the panel
  • Install the spacers
  • Fit the panel

KoolDoor was designed to be easy to install, and you don’t need to be an expert to avail of the many benefits.

The Panels are cut to a standard size to suit 99% of panel lift doors. They will need to be trimmed on site to fit the exact dimensions. Over size panels are also available on request.

Simply use the buy now button on the web site or contact us on 1300 37 38 39 To arrange pick up or delivery.

Yes, the GST is included in the pricing shown.

KoolDoor guarantees its product to be in the best condition and as described at the time of ordering. Faulty goods will be replaced or refunded.

Rule of thumb, the Panels for an average Double garage door will be approx. 11Kg. The spring on your garage door is designed to carry a bit of extra weight although we have found in some cases doors need the spring and Motor adjusted. This can be carried out by having your door serviced by your local Garage Door Company.
No, this is the beauty of KoolDoor, the product is secured behind the lip of the panel, this gives it a tight secure fit without the use of adhesive.

Kooldoor is a rigid Closed cell hard Foam PIR that has an embossed foil both sides, we recommend you use a retractable snap off knife available at Bunnings the “Tojan“ brand is great for the job and easily slices through the lightweight KoolDoor.

The 25mm Trajan snap off knife is low cost ( under $12.00 with 5 extra blades) but very effective, simply extend the blade 20mm do the first cut and then extend 40mm to finish off the cut.

Cut the KoolDoor panels Cut the KoolDoor panels

Benefits of KoolDoor

Perfect Temp

KoolDoor keeps the heat out in summer and the heat from escaping in winter

An Extra Room

Whether it be for a hobby, a business venture, a man cave or a room for the kids, at KoolDoor can help add a room without the hassle of extending.


KoolDoor is very easy to install. There are no epensive tools required.

Noise Reduction

KoolDoor also helps reduce sound transmission through the garage door.

Looks Great

The insulation has an attractive embossed off white face which transforms your garage door from a mess or metal to a stylish feature.

Technical Specifications

KoolDoor vs Polystyrene

Features KoolDoor Polyiso Foam Competitors Polystyrene
Double sided foil which stops the heat or warmth from leaving the garage
Higher density foam which decreases sound transfer
Lower risk of combustibility - Safer choice in a fire
15 degree temparature difference between an insulated and uninsulated door
40% More thermal efficient

Installation Videos

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How To Measure The Panel

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Write Down The Measurements