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KoolDoor is an Australian owned & designed garage door insulation System. KoolDoor utilises the latest PIR (Polyisocyanurate) foam insulation technology & combines this with low emissivity foil to create a dedicated high performance insulation specifically for panel lift garage doors which can be fitted to the door from new or retro fitted into existing doors.

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David Oliver

David Oliver is the managing director of the Brisbane based company, Australian Reflective Insulation & has been involved in the insulation industry for over 20 years. David works with Australian Manufacturers of quality high performance insulation materials to develop insulation systems designed for the harsh Australian Climate. Using combinations of both thermal & reflective insulation products Australian reflective Insulation works with engineers, building designers & architects to ensure that both residential & commercial buildings in Australia incorporate world leading design in energy efficient insulation products.

David noticed many years ago that a major area lacking in residential energy efficient design was the garage door.  The garage is considered by most as not important to the overall energy efficient design of the house but more & more now the garage is being used for more than just parking our cars. The most inefficient part of the garage has always been the garage door being mostly made from light weight press metal that when the sun hits it instantly radiates the heat straight through into the room & potentially the entire house. So, after trialing many different insulation materials & systems, KoolDoor was developed in 2017 as a way for home owners to easily & cost effectively insulate their garage door & utilise the space in their garage with out compromising on comfort & energy efficiency.

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