How Much Temperature Difference Will Garage Door Insulation Make?

One of the most common questions I get asked is what temperature difference does Garage Door insulation make?

Over the years, we have tested the KoolDoor garage door insulation on a full range of garage door types in different parts of Australia and different seasons and have the answers.

To fully understand the temperature difference garage door insulation can make, you need to understand the factors that play a part in the calculation. They are:

How much sun does your garage door get?
What direction does your garage door face?
Is there any shade on your door for part of the day?
Do you have trees, buildings, or other structures shading the door?
Do you have windows in the garage?

The only factor you can change in the above list is the windows. You can put up block-up curtains or tint the windows. Other factors will play a big part in the temperature difference but unfortunately, they are much more challenging to adjust.

The more sun you get directly on your garage door, the more significant the difference in temperature the garage door insulation will make.

The garage door insulation acts as a barrier to the heat trying to enter the garage in summer or the heat trying to leave the garage in winter. The greater the extremes the greater the effect of the garage door.

We have found a large range of temperature differences in the garage once KoolDoor is installed. The difference can range from 15 – 22 degrees in temperature because of the KoolDoor garage door insulation.

This temperature difference will make a huge difference in how comfortable and usable your garage door is in summer or sinter.

If you have any more questions, please give us a call at KoolDoor at 1300-37-38-39. Or send us an email at

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