How Much Does Garage Door Insulation Cost To Install?

The cost of installing garage door insulation is dependent on a few factors. In this article we are going to explain the following:

  1. How many panels do you require?
  2. Are you going to install it yourself?
  3. The tools required to DIY

Garage Door Insulation Panel Sizes

The larger the garage door the more panels you will require which will affect the price you pay for your garage door insulation.

The main sizes of garage doors are a single standard, a standard double, and an oversized double.

Here at KoolDoor, we have two different standard sizes of the actual panels. They are:

  1. A 1300mm X 600mm panel
  2. A 1200mm X 580mm panel.

Most panels are around these sizes and if they are slightly smaller you can trim them own onsite using a Stanley knife.

A single garage door is normally required 8 panels and is a structure with two panels across and four panels high. 

A standard double door has typically 16 panels, so that’s four panels across and four panels high. 

An oversize double door normally has 20 panels which means there are five panels across and 4 panels high.

Now, if your door is outside of these specifications, we can custom cut a panel to suit your needs. Just call us on 1300 37 38 39.

Using an Installer

We have approved installers throughout Australia, so if you are looking for one just call us at 1300-37-38-39 and we will let you know if we have an installer in your area.

Installing your Garage Door Insulation Yourself

Now, if you’re looking for a DIY kit, we have extensive videos on the KoolDoor website. 

Click to watch the full series of installation videos.

The installation process is not difficult and it takes about 4 hours for an average person to complete a standard double door with 16 panels.

All you need to complete the installation are a few basic tools including:

  1. A straight edge so you can cut a straight line across the panel to trim them before you fit them. 
  2. A tape measure for measuring the exact dimensions of your panels.
  3. A long-blade Stanley knife. We recommend you use a Trojan knife. These are available from Bunnings. They are about $10.50. 

Garage Door Service

Now lastly, we recommend that you have your garage door serviced once the KoolDoor panels are installed. 

Your garage door is a mechanical device and just like your car, you shouldn’t let it go for years without a service. 

So once the panels are fitted, get a garage door technician in just to retain the springs and recalibrate the weight or the extra weight that the panels put on the door.

If you have any questions, please give us a call at KoolDoor at 1300-37-38-39. Or you can buy your garage door insulation at

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