Garage Door Insulation Stock Availability And Delivery Times

Getting stock of many products in the building industry is very difficult at the moment because of the recent crisis around the world.

The bad news is that the building industry is a bit of a mess regarding lead times.

But the good news is at KoolDoor, we have enough stock to supply our clients.

There are no delays when it comes to delivery, and you can have your KoolDoor garage door insulation delivered within a couple of days for most of the Australian population.

We have a warehouse in Melbourne and Brisbane and good stock levels.

So, depending on what time of the day we receive your order, we can dispatch your order very quickly.

We usually dispatch the same day or the next day.

Here is an indication of delivery times:

• Melbourne Metro – usually the next day
• Brisbane Metro – next-day service
• Cairns – usually four days
• Perth – is approximately five days
• Melbourne, Sydney, and Melbourne, Canberra – usually two days.

At KoolDoor, our delivery service is fast and efficient. If you need any more info, please give us a call at 1300-37-38-39 or drop us an email at

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