Top Garage Door Insulation Products Reviewed

Top Garage Door Insulation Products Reviewed

There are quite a few Garage Door Insulation products on the market today, and deciding which one to buy can be very confusing.

Many technical terms make it challenging to understand which one is best for you.

In this review, we will explain the difference between each one in layman’s terms so you can make an informed decision before purchasing.

There are a few essential features of garage door insulation that you should consider to help you choose the right one.

Below are the features that should guide you in making a decision.

Garage Door Insulation Price

The garage door installation cost seems important when buying it. Still, when you consider it lasts for up to 20 years, you realise the price of garage door insulation is the last factor you need to consider.

You can see below that the KoolDoor product is the most expensive, but over 20 years, the difference is only $3 per year.

Polystyrene by Foam Sales$260

PIR by Kooldoor$640
0007 Radiant Barrier foil$415
Reflecta-GDI by Green Insulation$189

These costs are based on a standard 16 panel double door.

Garage Door Insulation Thermal Rating

The Thermal Rating of the garage door insulation is important to explain how much of the heat is reflected off the door.

The higher the number, the better the performance.

PRODUCT TYPEThermal Rating
PIR by KooldoorR1.75+Reflective surface
Polystyrene by Foam SalesR1.1 – This product would only rate at R1.1 if it were 40mm but most polystyrene products are not 40mm
0007 Radiant Barrier foilReflective surface
Reflecta-GDI by Green InsulationR0.2+Reflective surface

You can see there that KoolDoor is the clear winner with a thermal rating of 1.75. That’s 0.3 better than its nearest competitor.

Garage Door Insulation Thickness

Generally, the thicker the product, the better, but it won’t fit into the door if it is too thick.

The type of material also determines the effectiveness of the thermal rating.

So a 35mm thick polystyrene product is not as good as a 35mm thick PIR product when it comes to thermal rating.

The thickness of the KoolDoor is at 35mm thick, and has a higher thermal rating, it is a far superior product.

PIR by Kooldoor35mm
Polystyrene by Foam Sales40mm(some are less than 40mm & performance reduces prorata)
0007 Radiant Barrier foil<0.1mm
Reflecta-GDI by Green Insulation10mm

Garage Door Insulation Weight

When you consider the average standard double garage door weighs on average 180Kg, the difference in added weight of each of the products is negligible and shouldn’t become a factor in your decision.

PIR by Kooldoor13kg
Polystyrene by Foam Sales7kg
0007 Radiant Barrier foil4kg
Reflecta-GDI by Green Insulation5kg

Garage Door Insulation Fire Performance

There is no fire rating required in a garage door. No company is obliged to have a specific minimum rating.

So each company has used a rating system that probably makes their product look good.

It’s almost impossible to fairly compare each fire rating on each product because they are all sourced differently.

This is why Australian standards, when enforced, are good for the consumer.

The PIR system used by KoolDoor is used in commercial construction and is a superior product to the other products. That is why when it comes to FIre Performance, KoolDoor is the clear winner.

PRODUCT TYPEFire Performance
PIR by KooldoorHigh (PIR Group rated product)
Polystyrene by Foam SalesLow
0007 Radiant Barrier foilMedium
Reflecta-GDI by Green InsulationMedium

Garage Door Insulation Water Resistance

Once again there is no set standard for water resistance in garage door insulation. We don’t like polystyrene-based products because they are banned in most countries as they take 5000 years to down and are not good for the environment.

The KoolDoor product is Closed Cell and will not absorb water.

The Foam Sales is Open Cell product and will absorb water.

The Radiant Barrier and Green Insulation products also both won’t absorb water.

PRODUCT TYPEWater Resistance
PIR by KooldoorClosed cell will not absorb water
Polystyrene by Foam Salesopen cell will absorb water
0007 Radiant Barrier foilwill not absorb water
Reflecta-GDI by Green Insulationwill not absorb water

Garage Door Insulation Appearance

It is important that the insulation looks excellent in the door as it will always be visible. The KoolDoor products both look great. The other products don’t enhance the look of your garage door but detract from it.

PIR by KooldoorClean white embosed foil surface looks good & strong
Polystyrene by Foam SalesWhite bear polystyrene surface easly damaged or marked
0007 Radiant Barrier foilBear foil finish looks industrial
Reflecta-GDI by Green InsulationBear foil finish looks industrial

Our Opinion on the Best Garage Door Insulation

Based on the data presented above the KoolDoor garage door insulation is far superior than the other products on the market.

Over the lifespan of the insulation KoolDoor only costs an extra $3/per.

Because it is better to keep the heat out in winter and the heat in during winter in, it doesn’t absorb water, it has a higher fire rating, and it looks great. It is the best choice.

If you want to speak to one of our experts and have any questions answered. Call us now on 1300 373839.

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