Bunnings Garage Door Insulation Vs KoolDoor

Bunnings sells a garage door insulation product and it is very popular, but there is a much better product on the market.

In this article, I am going to show you the differences between the products so you can make an informed decision on which one is best for you.

Garage Door Insulation Thermal Rating

The Thermal Rating of the garage door insulation is important as it is vital in keeping heat out in summer & keeping the heat in during winter.

The higher the number, the better the performance.

PRODUCT TYPE Thermal Rating
PIR by KoolDoor R1.75+Reflective surface
Bunnings Foilboard R0.69(25mm)

You can see there that KoolDoor is the clear winner with a thermal rating of 1.75. That’s almost double that of the Bunnings garage door insulation.

Garage Door Insulation Thickness

Generally, the thicker the product, the better, but it won’t fit into the door if it is too thick. 

The type of material also determines the effectiveness of the thermal rating. 

So a 35mm thick polystyrene product is not as good as a 35mm thick Foilboard product regarding thermal rating.

So the KoolDoor thickness is better, and it is made of a superior product than the Bunnings garage door insulation, so the KoolDoor product has a higher thermal rating. It is a far superior product.

PIR by KoolDoor 35mm
Bunnings Foilboard 25mm

Garage Door Insulation Weight

When you consider that a standard double garage door weighs on average 180Kg, the difference in added weight of each of the products is negligible and shouldn’t become a factor in your decision. 

You can see that the difference in weight between KooldDoor and Bunnings garage door insulation is only 6kg which is negligible.

PIR by Kooldoor 13kg
Bunnings Foilboard 7kg

Garage Door Insulation Fire Performance

There is no fire rating required in a garage door. No company is obliged to have a specific minimum rating. 

So each company has used a rating system that probably makes their product look good. 

It’s almost impossible to fairly compare each fire rating on each product because they are all sourced differently. 

This is why Australian standards, when enforced, are good for the consumer. 

The PIR system used by KoolDoor is used in commercial construction and is a superior product to the other products. That is why when it comes to FIre Performance, KoolDoor is the clear winner over the Bunnings garage door insulation.

PRODUCT TYPE Fire Performance
PIR by Kooldoor High (PIR Group rated product)
Bunnings Foilboard Low

Garage Door Insulation Appearance

It is important that the insulation looks excellent in the door as it will always be visible. After installation, the KoolDoor product looks much better than the Bunnings garage door insulation. Many other products don’t enhance the look of your garage door but detract from it.

PIR by Kooldoor Clean white embossed foil surface looks good & strong
Bunnings Foilboard Very industrial, surface easily damaged or marked

Garage Door Insulation Price

The garage door installation cost seems important when buying it. Still, when you consider it lasts for up to 20 years, you realize the price of garage door insulation is the last factor you need to consider.

You can see below that the KoolDoor product is the more expensive than the Bunnings garage door insulation, but over 20 years, the difference is only $22 per year.

PIR by KoolDoor $640
Bunnings Foilboard $195

These costs are based on enough product for a standard 16 panel double door.

Our Opinion on the Best Garage Door Insulation

Based on the data presented above, the KoolDoor garage door insulation is far superior to the Bunnings garage door insulation.

Over the lifespan of the insulation KoolDoor only costs an extra $22/per year.

Because it is better at keeping the heat out in summer and the heat in winter, it doesn’t absorb water, has a higher fire rating, and looks great. It is the best choice.

If you want to speak to one of our experts and have any questions answered. Call us now on 1300 373839.

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