7 Reasons You Need An Insulated Garage Door

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In many Australian homes, the garage door can be overlooked as an area for potential insulation. But garage doors are not made with insulation or thermal efficiency in mind. Most garage door manufacturers have insulation way down on the list of considerations when it comes to the design and installation.

Which is why you might want to give it some thought when optimizing or transforming your garage. After all, why not enhance the room as much as you can? The following are 7 reasons you need an insulated garage door.

#1 – Energy Savings

The whole point of insulation is to save on your electric bill. Turning on the air conditioner is pretty pointless if you have the window wide open. You’re basically throwing money away. Similarly, you are throwing money away if you have poor insulation, as the heat or cold air will just escape through the poorly insulated area.

A poorly insulated garage will often have spillover to your main home, which will in turn need insulation and increased electricity usage to compensate for the garage door. Basically, an insulated garage door will save you money in the long run. There are few better reasons than this. 

#2 – Heat Deflection

Australian summers can get intensely hot. With a metal garage door conducting heat to the inside, your garage can turn into a sauna. An insulated garage door will help to keep the heat out. The best kind of garage door insulation will use reflective foil, which is especially useful to deflect heat outwards. 

#3 – Heat Retention 

Insulation works both ways. You want to keep heat out during the hot summer months. And you want to keep heat in during the winter. In the insulation lexicon, you never really keep ‘cold’ out. It is all spoken of in terms of heat out or in. Garage door insulation will help you to keep the heat in during the winter. Again, this can help you to save on energy costs. 

#4 – Extra Space

If you do put insulation on your garage door, then you have taken a vital first step towards renovating a new space. Sure, there are probably more areas you will need to insulate, and there are other steps to complete. But in terms of insulation, the garage door is a primary area of energy leakage. You can now consider using the space as an office, yoga studio, home gym, play area for kids, recreation area, or games room. Converting your garage into a usable room is also an excellent way to increase home value. 

#5 – Noise Reduction

An insulated garage door will result in increased noise reduction. Whether you want to block out noise from the outside or prevent noise from escaping, insulation will reduce it either way. How well a given insulation material will do this is dependent on the ‘r rating’, a metric that captures the efficiency of insulation. Generally, higher is better. 

#6 – Aesthetic Appeal

Adding insulation to a non-insulated garage door can actually look great. For instance, KoolDoor insulation has a nice white sheen that is definitely superior to the ‘warehouse’ feel of most garage doors. It can lighten up the place and makes a change from the typical steel exterior of most garage doors. 

#7 – Asset Protection

Most Australians will use the garage for their car and for expensive machinery. But slight changes in temperature can have drastic implications on the components of these machines with time. A car that is subjected to cold conditions instead of mild ones will show signs of wear and tear more quickly. And the same can be said of a car that is exposed to extremely hot conditions instead of merely warm. Insulating your garage to make the temperature more reasonable is a solid choice and will have many indirect effects that are positive in nature. 

These are simply 7 of the reasons you should consider installing insulation on your garage door. We provide a service that allows you to quickly and easily insulate your garage door without any technical skills.  

No tools are required, it only takes between 2 – 3 hours, and the effects of superior insulation are immediate. We ship all over Australia and provide installation services for those who want to go down this route in QLD, NSW, VIC, SA, TAS & WA.

Call us, KoolDoor, if you want to avail of the benefits of garage door insulation – 1300 37 38 39!

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