5 Awesome Rooms You Can Convert Your Garage Into

garage room

Garages have a pretty obvious function – to house your car, boat or favourite vehicle.

But if you’ve got extra space in your garage, or you’re happy parking your vehicle under an outdoor carport, your garage becomes a blank canvas that you can turn into….well, pretty much anything.

Most Australians, whether they have garages in Sydney, Melbourne or Perth, end up doing nothing with this valuable space because their garage isn’t designed to function as an extra room. It’s cold, draughty, and not a lot of fun when the weather turns.

Enter Kool Doors.

With a simple upgrade your garage can receive the same insulated protection as every other room in your house. That means staying cool in summer and warm in winter. The only big question left unanswered is – ‘what room will you convert your garage into?’.

Read on to discover 5 creative uses of your newly insulated garage

#1 – Home Gym

If you’re a gym junkie, or just enjoy getting the blood pumping, then you know how enjoyable your weekly gym sessions are.

But throw in the cost of a yearly membership, plus the travel time there and back, and your weekly workout becomes an expensive and time-consuming ordeal. With a Kool Door conversion you’re in control of the temperature of your garage.

Why not turn it into your own home gym?

Not only will this give you complete freedom to work out if another COVID-19 lockdown closes gyms for an indefinite period of time, but there’ll be no line for the dumbbells and no waiting for the bench press when you’re the one in charge.

#2 – Man Cave

All great relationships need a little space from time to time.

As well as keeping heat in and cool out, Kool Doors provide sound insulation that makes for the perfect Man Cave. Pop on a movie, listen to your favourite tunes, you can do anything you like in the comfort of your own space all-year round.

A Man Cave also lets you work on your hobbies without bugging your other half. Whether you like to tinker on your car, work on DIY projects with your hands, or belt out a drum solo at max volume, you’ll have a place to relax and unwind without bugging the family.

#3 – Home Office

There’s been an explosion of Australians working from home as a result of the coronavirus pandemic, and with a Kool Door turning your garage into a temperature-controlled space you can install your own home office that turns commute times into a 10 second walk from the living room to the garage.

It’s tough to find space inside the home for a home office, as most rooms already have a use. Whether you install your own Kool Door or hire a Kool Door installer, you can create an entirely new room without the extra costs of having to bring on a builder and spend thousands of dollars.

#4 – Kid’s Room

Sick of stepping on lego every morning?

A garage can become a perfect kid’s room with the addition of a Kool Door to lower the temperature of your garage door by up to 20 degrees. This stops the garage from overheating and leaves the ideal space for your kids to play (and scatter their lego anywhere and everywhere).

A contained kid’s play room also provides peace of mind as you know where your little ones are at all times, while you spend some much deserved quiet time indoors.

#5 – Pet Room

You love your family pet, but there’s no room in the bed most nights when your furry friend has claimed your spot before you get a chance to settle in.

If you don’t need to use your converted garage for yourself or your kids, why not turn it into a pet’s room?

A pet room means you never have to worry about your animals overheating on hot days, or suffering outside in the cold. Perfect for house training new puppies, and ideal for creating a space for older animals, an insulated garage can become a cosy and inviting pet room in no time.

Are you ready to turn your garage into a usable space?

You don’t need to Google the nearest builder to add an extra room to your home.

Kool Doors are shipped Australia-wide, so you can show off your DIY skills and install your own insulation barrier, or hire an installer for a few dollars. Either way you keep tens of thousands of dollars in your pocket instead of hiring a builder.

Most Australian garages get too hot in summer and too cold in winter, but with a temperature-controlled layer of protection you’ll now have an entirely new room to call your own.

The only question still unanswered, is what will you do with your new room?

Interested in turning your excess garage space into a fully functionable, temperature-controlled room?

Contact our friendly customer support team to discover how quick and affordable the process is.

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