Panel Lift Garage Doors Prices: How Much Should You Spend?

Do you want a perfectly customised panel lift garage door to increase home value and enhance both convenience and aesthetic appeal? Panel lift garage doors will effortlessly provide these benefits and then some.
Do you want a perfectly customised panel lift garage door to increase home value and enhance both convenience and aesthetic appeal? Panel lift garage doors will effortlessly provide these benefits and then some.
Panel lift garage doors are sometimes called sectional garage doors. In contrast to roller garage doors that roll up like a carpet, panel lift garage doors are folded up against the ceiling for added convenience and to save on space.
When it comes to cost, panel lift garage door prices depend on multiple factors specific to the garage they are installed in. We’ll examine these together below to understand how much you should expect to spend in total. Loosely speaking, this cost can land between $1,000 – 2,250 for a panel lift garage door of standard size. Industrial sized doors bigger than 4000mm in height might cost you more.

What are the benefits of panel lift garage doors?

There are multiple benefits of panel lift garage doors, which is why they are so popular in Brisbane and wider Australia. The benefits include:

How do I know which kind of panel lift garage door I need?

This will be a function of your particular situation. Unless you have a real interest in traditional wood, you’re most likely going to be dealing with an aluminium or colorbond steel panel lift garage door. It offers the best value for money with minimal maintenance and maximum lifespan.
A more relevant question here would be what mode of operation to select. If you use the garage often, it’s better to use an electric as opposed to a manual door. Manual garage doors don’t last as long, and they need more frequent maintenance. And it’s a pain having to open and close them all the time.
If you’re in an area prone to bushfires, cyclones, wind, or storms, you should look for garage doors tested to withstand these experiences.
Most panel lift garage doors will do a pretty good job in terms of keeping out burglars, but you can always ask for added security enhancements from your service provider. A good garage door with a quality install should suffice to keep out intruders. Realistically, burglars are not going to try and break in through a garage door if it does not have an obvious weak spot. It would make too much noise and just alert everybody in the neighbourhood.

Factors affecting panel lift garage door prices

Before you can get your new garage doors, you need to understand the ways that they can differ from one another. This, in turn, also affects the prices of panel lift garage doors. You will want to consult a manufacturer directly or, alternatively, use an online cost calculator for a rough estimate until you can get a more firm idea from a professional installer. Here are the top considerations when it comes to panel lift garage door prices:

Prices will also vary depending on who you go to for the purchase as well as your location. There is a price variance both between urban and rural areas and between the different states and aussie online casinos territories in Australia. Call up a local provider to get a real-time indication of what the prices actually are, not what you think they should be.

Panel lift garage door prices

The prices for panel lift garage doors will vary depending on the factors outlined above. The table below should give you a loose indication of the prices for panel lift garage doors of various sizes. The prices below are for the garage door only with a simple key lock that costs around $150. Installation and delivery are not included in these figures.
Product (Colorbond Steel) Height (mm) Width (mm Average Price
Panel Lift Garage Door 1900 1800 $1,000 - $1,200
Panel Lift Garage 2200 2000 $1,200 - $1,400
Panel Lift Garage Door 2800 2200 $1,400 - $1600
Panel Lift Garage Door 3500 3000 $1,600 - $1,900
Panel Lift Garage Door 4000 3500 $1,800 - $2,200
Panel Lift Garage Door 5000 4200 $2,000 - $2,600
A high-quality garage door opener like the Merlin MYQ105 will cost $350 more than the typical lock (for a total of around $500 on its own).
The installation will also cost between $200 – 500 depending on the size of the door and the complexity.
Delivery costs will also be an additional $100 or so, though many suppliers will offer you free delivery. It’s best to understand these costs in advance instead of being surprised by the end bill!

Are panel garage doors costly to repair or maintain?

There is usually very little maintenance with regard to panel lift garage doors. But if you have a manual lift garage door, then you’ll need to apply some WD-40 from time to time so that the chain goes smoothly up and down. You can also give the door a wash with warm soapy water as well as applying some paint and finishing. This should all cost less than $100, but you will also have to consider the time invested.
Repairs might cost you some money, but it does depend on the type of repair that you need. A new remote opener can cost between $150 – 500 depending on the model. The repair technician will charge you between $40 – 70 per hour. Repairing the motor should only cost between $40 – 160 as this is often quite a simple fix. Replacing a garage door cable might cost you around $30 – 150.
It can cost you between $200 – $750 to replace a garage door panel. So you need to balance this cost against the cost of purchasing an entirely new garage door. You’ll also want to check what’s covered by the warranty and guarantee.

Can I install a garage door myself to reduce costs?

Not really. These are very heavy doors, and even if you have a couple of people to help you, expertise is needed. Electrical doors need a specialised install, and even manual doors have to be done in a certain way. If the chain does not slide up the track in a perfectly vertical fashion, it will wear more quickly. If it’s even just slightly out of alignment, the panels will not roll up flush against the ceiling, and this will also affect the longevity of the products.
Remember to look at your garage door as a long-term investment. A garage door that needs to be replaced in 15 years will not cost you three times more than one that only lasts for five years. So it’s actually a way to save money if you look at it the right way.

What are the most important features for panel lift garage doors?

The opener is a key item. There is a huge difference between using a remote opener and having to leave your car every morning and evening to open the door. Aside from this, simply keep an eye on cost, design, and warranty. You want to approach this as a long-term investment.
An overlooked area is garage door insulation. You can get panel lift garage doors that come with insulation. Alternatively, you can work with a specialist that designs insulation specifically for panel lift garage doors. This will help you reduce energy bills as well as noise. It’s also an integral first step if you’re looking to convert a garage into a usable space.
If you’re interested in purchasing a panel lift garage door, the first thing you need to do is measure the total height and width of your entryway. This is the only means through which a provider can give you an accurate quote.

Where can I get premium garage door insulation panels?

If you’ve already found the right garage door but are looking to reduce noise and electricity bills, look no further than KoolDoor.
We specialise exclusively in the best garage door insulation for panel lift doors. Our insulation comes with a 10-year guarantee and you can install it yourself within 3 hours and some basic tools.
It’s a win-win and best looked at as a way of reducing the cost of the panel lift garage door – you’re saving money on electricity and the garage door is a prime area for energy loss that is frequently overlooked.
Call now for premium garage door insulation panels on 1300 37 38 39.

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