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Protect and enjoy your garage, no matter what the weather’s like outside.
✔️ Keeps Heat Out In Summer
✔️ Keeps Heat In During Winter
✔️ Excellent R Rating
✔️ Reduces Noise
✔️ Looks Great
✔️ Easy to Install
✔️ No Tools Required
✔️ Fast Delivery
✔️ Exceptional Customer Service

Garage Door Seals in Brisbane

Your garage door is the largest door in your home, which makes water and weatherproofing crucial. If you’re sick of mopping up water, exterminating pests, and freezing cold winds, it’s time for a better solution – it’s time for KoolDoor.

Have you noticed water, grime, or bugs in your garage? It’s likely the cause can be traced back to your door. Your garage door can take up to 50% of your Brisbane home’s street-facing space, and without adequate weatherstripping or sealing, the outside can easily get in.

At KoolDoor, we provide a range of garage door insulation systems to transform your space into, well….anything. From home offices to mancaves, kid’s rooms to pet rooms, an insulated garage enhances your lifestyle and maximises the space in your home.

  • Easily fitted
  • DIY kits available
  • Keep out creepy crawlies
  • Create a seal for insulation
  • Fast delivery Australia-wide
  • Non-invasive seal for all settings
  • Proud supplier of Australia’s #1 garage door insulation

But without modern door seals, you’ll always be at the mercy of Brisbane’s weather, climate, pests, and pollutants. For the quick, simple, and cost-effective solution, trust KoolDoor’s range of weatherstripping and garage door seals.

If you’d like to learn more about our high-performance insulation options, reach out on 1300 37 38 39 or use our online contact form to request a fast, FREE quote.

Should I get an insulated garage door

What is a seal for garage doors?

They provide protection against the elements, inc. dirt, pests, rain, smoke, embers, and pollution through a tight seal that’s applied around your garage door. Every garage owner knows the feeling of ducking out to grab something from the car, only to feel the draught and wind turn your garage into a cool room. With bottom seals, and sectional top and side seals, it’s never been easier to close the gaps around your doors.

If you’ve ever wanted to make use of your garage space but felt the area wasn’t comfortable enough for you, your kids, or your pets, you can safely kiss that problem goodbye.

With them, you’re able to keep unwanted breeze, wind, and rain out, and help elevate your garage into a more usable space. When cold air and moisture are kept out, you can enjoy your garage space in a range of ways from a home gym to a kid’s playroom, a home office to a mancave (you could also use it as a garage of course).

What type of door seals are available for my garage door?

We’re proud to offer a range of garage door seals to fill the gaps around your door, whether it’s sectional or roller. Our sectional side seals and roller door side seals are made from high-quality aluminium seal carriers with a fixed, thick bristle brush behind the sides (jambs) and top (lintel) interior face of your garage.

Reducing airflow in your Brisbane garage by up to 96%, choose from standard or flame-resistant bristle brush for protection in bushfire-prone suburbs. If you require assistance with custom sizing, we’re happy to help.

PLEASE NOTE: Garage door weather seals to stop dust and heat transfer around the edges of your door are also available.

Click here to tell us a little about your garage door and we’ll be in touch with tips and advice to help with your garage upgrade project.

What can a KoolDoors seal keep out?

Without a seal, your garage is a warm and dry place for Brisbane’s creepy crawlies to call home. Not to mention the leaves, debris, and dust that’s brought in by the wind. And forget about enjoying your garage on a cold and rainy day, because freezing draughts and water can easily pass underneath your door.

So, what can our seals protect against? Turns out, quite a lot:

✘ Heat
✘ Rain
✘ Wind
✘ Pests

✘ Dust
✘ Leaves
✘ Bushfire embers
✘ Smoke

Quick and easy to install, KoolDoor seals are the simple solution to a complex problem. When you want to enjoy your garage space – whatever that means to you – use KoolDoor garage seals to get the job done.

Call 1300 37 38 39 to find out more.

Can I install a garage door seal myself?


All KoolDoor products are designed for simple DIY applications, though you can use the services of a local handyman if you’d prefer. While the exact installation steps will depend on your garage door type, size, and location, consider the following step-by-step checklist as a guide.

Step One: Clamp your door in place, or unplug the power if your door is battery/remote operated.

Step Two: Check for screws holding the current weatherstrip in place (typically one screw at either end of your door)

Step Three: Remove your old seal (pull sharply if no bottom track is present, slide out if the bottom track is present)

Step Four: Prepare your garage door for your new KoolDoor seal (remove all dirt and debris with a brush)

Step Five: Secure your new door seal (hammer into place if no bottom track is present, slide into place if the bottom track is present)

Step Six: Trim off excess seal (making sure your seal sits flush with the edge of your garage door)

Step Seven: Admire your handiwork and enjoy a drink in your insulated, weather-protected garage

Why use KoolDoor?

KoolDoor is an Australian-owned company that understands the pains of Brisbane families and business owners. Whether you use your garage to store a vehicle, or you’re looking to convert unused garage space into something new, creating a seal against external weather and temperature is key.

We believe the process of transforming garages into comfortable, usable spaces shouldn’t be difficult or expensive. KoolDoor products are engineered for use, without the need for expensive contractors or builders who charge you an arm and a leg.

If upgrading your home has been on your mind, start with weather and door insulation strips that turn a spare weekend into a home renovation project – without the cost, the council red tape, or the headaches.

When you’re ready to make more out of your garage, purchase a KoolDoor seal and find out just how easy it is.

Frequently Asked Questions About Garage Door Seals in Brisbane

Choosing the right material for your door seal or weatherstrip is critical. The wrong material can leave your garage without lasting protection. You don’t want to wake up to a few centimetres of water or a large ant colony that’s recently moved in, so we recommend the most durable materials – rubber, vinyl, foam. While vinyl is the most durable material, it’s not suited to all applications. For help choosing the right seal for your Brisbane home, reach out and contact a member of our team on 1300 37 38 39.

Both. Your door seals act as weather seals AND door insulation strips. Not only will you prevent rain and moisture from entering your garage, but your seals provide insulation to help regulate temperature by blocking leaks, preventing unwanted draughts, and regulating your garage’s internal temperature. From lower energy bills to a dry space on Brisbane’s (rare) rainy days, you get it all.

Consider the following tools if you plan on installing your new garage seals:

  • New KoolDoor seal
  • Measuring tape
  • Flathead and Phillips head screwdriver
  • Sweeping brush
  • Utility knife
  • A volunteer to help
  • A drink to enjoy when you’re done

This depends on the size of your garage door and the complexity of the job, as well as your experience working with door seals. However, even a DIY beginner can remove and install a new seal within a few hours.

For support with your door seal installation, check out our handy video tutorials.

Our garage seals are available in either 19mm or 25mm width, constructed on a durable aluminium carrier for lasting strength and protection. Oversize panels are available, so please get in touch if you require a custom sealing solution.

Yes. Although we hope your seals will never have to protect your home against embers, KoolDoor seals are BAL-rated for Brisbane’s bushfire-prone areas.

Yes, the GST is included in the pricing shown.

Why Choose Garage Door Seals From Kool Door?

DIY kit

Easily fitted

Fast delivery

Keeps out creepy crawlies

Efficient and non invasive seal

We use Australia’s No.1 garage door seal

Effectively creating a seal on the door for heat and cold and dust

Why Choose KoolDoor

Thermally Efficient

Our insulation is very efficient in keeping the heat out in summer and cold out in winter. It will effectively lower the temperature of the garage door by 20°C.

Beautiful Looking

Our white panels provide a clean and warm look to the garage door, which is inevitably superior to the ‘warehouse’ emanating from most garage doors.

Best Quality Material

Our Polyiso foam is 40% more thermally efficient than the competition, This means that it is more effective in keeping out the heat and lowering the levels of noise.

Exceptional Customer Service

KoolDoor is known for its quality of customer care and ships products as soon as possible. We have many satisfied clients in QLD, NSW, VIC, SA, TAS & WA.

Fast and Easy Install

KoolDoor was made for the customers to install by themselves. It takes between 2 - 3 hours to install the panels. No tools are needed, aside from a straightedge and a sharp knife.


KoolDoor is manufactured from PIR, which is the most fire-resistance form used in the construction industry. No glues or chemicals are needed for the product installation.

What could you do with an Extra Room In Your Garage?

A garage is one of the most under-utilised room’s in a home. Comfort is an issue for most garages being too hot in summer or too cold in winter. KoolDoor will transform your garage into a usable room for all your hobbies, home office, workshop, kids playroom, an extra pet room, your gym or your much anticipated man cave.

Man Cave

You've always wanted a man cave, you know you deserve it. Now you can make it happen in your garage.

Pet Room

Keep your pets safe at night, cool during hot days and warm on cold winter nights.


Stop paying monthly fees for the gym when you can work out on your time with no travel from your garage.

Kids Playroom

The garage is the perfect place for a kids playroom. They can go crazy with minimal noise and damage to the family home 🙂

Home Office

Don't spend your money on an office when you can work from home. It is not only much cheaper but much more convenient than a paid office.

Hobbies Room

Has your hobby outgrown your home. Turn your garage into your perfect hobby space with KoolDoor insulation

Motorbike Showcase​

Create a stunning space in your garage to display your motorbikes that you enjoy spending time in.


Make your garage workshop comfortable. Not too hot in summer and not too cold in winter.

Benefits of KoolDoor

Perfect Temp

KoolDoor keeps the heat out in summer and the heat from escaping in winter

An Extra Room

Whether it be for a hobby, a business venture, a man cave or a room for the kids, at KoolDoor can help add a room without the hassle of extending.


KoolDoor is very easy to install. There are no epensive tools required.

Noise Reduction

KoolDoor also helps reduce sound transmission through the garage door.

Looks Great

The insulation has an attractive embossed off white face which transforms your garage door from a mess or metal to a stylish feature.

Installation Options

Do it Yourself

KoolDoor is very easy to install. There are no special tools required and all you will need is a tape measure, a straightedge and a sharp Stanley knife.

Hire An Installer

KoolDoor can be delivered Australia wide, but we also have professional installers in QLD, NSW & Tas. If you’d rather hire a professional, call us on 1300 37 38 39 to see if there is an installer near you.

What Our Clients Are Saying...

Technical Specifications

KoolDoor vs Polystyrene

Features KoolDoor Polyiso Foam Competitors Polystyrene
Double sided foil which stops the heat or warmth from leaving the garage
Higher density foam which decreases sound transfer
Lower risk of combustibility - Safer choice in a fire
15 degree temparature difference between an insulated and uninsulated door
40% More thermal efficient

Installation Videos

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How To Measure The Panel

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